• Smid 2014 - 30 July 2020: Title : Software Engineer at Cordoba University of Colombia.

    Work experience

    • Freelance since 2018 until May 2021
      • Design of logos.
      • Building applications with Ionic framework and Angularjs.
      • Started building applications with Flutter, mid 2019.
    • May 11 until present day: JOONIK Company
      • May 11 - 30 March: Start working as UI/UX designer for Keller Offers(Joonik’s client), where i contribute building Keller Offers transactional portal. This project involved lot of designs flow and UI Components where I have the opportunity to expose user experience ideas reflected with the ui designs. I was also able to work as Frontend developer making changes on its public website and building a web app for showing “cash offers” to the public, all this built with nextjs, reactjs and css.
      • April 1 - until present day: Building a web app for Joonik using Reactjs as frontend technology. Also I have the chance of working on the sketches ideas for a new rebranding and design, then started building the designs into something real

    Soft Skills

    • Frontend Engineer using Javascript/Typescript as language and Reactjs and Nextjs as web technologies.
      • Abilities of making designs and components using css/javascript/html for the web and Flutter for crossplatform.
        • Porting web apps to hybrid apps using Ionicframework with Reactjs, Angularjs and Stenciljs.
          • Abilities for building serverless/lambdas functions.
            • Integration with Firebase ecosystem such as Cloudfirestore, Realtime, Storage, FCM, Push Notifications, Crashlytics, Auth for web and crossplatform.
              • Maintain version control of projects with the git/GitHub ecosystem
                • Document code in English, understandable, clear and concise, avoiding redundancy.
                  • Modularize the code, separating the UI from the business logic
                    • Perform unit tests for critical parts of a development.
                      • Learn and teach alongside team members.

                        Design Skills

                        • Building Design System, Components and Variants with Autolayout using Figma Software.
                          • Prototyping product design with interactive flows using Figma.
                            • Abilities using Adobe Illustrator for making logos, icons and global artworks.
                              • Abilities using Adobe Photoshop.